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Upcoming Reports: USDA Cattle on Feed Report on Oct. 23rd.

Friday... October 23rd

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary

United States Cattle on Feed Up 4 Percent

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Outlook on the Market

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

TCR's Daily Market Summary

The Beef: Finally Green

Thursday's Regional Auction Reports

Cold Storage Report Analysis

Cattle Bullish/Bearish Consensus... Excessively Pessimistic

Cattle Photo of the Week

Chart of the Week


Thursday... October 22nd

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

California’s Proposition 12 Would Cost U.S. Meat Industries Billions

Total Red Meat Supplies in Freezers Down 13% from Last Year

Record High Beef, Pork, & Total Red Meat Production in September

More Targeted Cattle Grazing is a ‘Win-Win-Win Opportunity’

Reviewing 2020 CRP Enrollment

The Beef: Just Can’t Catch

Weekly Drought Monitor

USDA Global Meat Production and Trade Forecast

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Wednesday... October 21st

Impossible Foods to Double R&D to Eliminate Animal Farming

The Beef: Looking for a Bottom

Cattle Group Proposes More Transparency in Market Prices

Mandatory Labeling of Cell-Based & Cultured Meat Products

Cattle on Feed Pre-Report Estimates

No Lie is Too Big for the Press


Tuesday... October 20th

Mandatory Regulations sought for Cell-Based Meat

Value of Stocker Cattle

60% of Corn Crop Harvested; 17% ahead of 5 Year Average

Grocery Sales Up 10.5%; Food Services Sales Down 13.7%


Monday... October 19th

Pandemic Meat Shortage Spurs Calls to Shift Slaughterhouse Rules

The Beef: Cascading Down

Estate Taxes Are A Threat to Family Farms

USDA Monthly Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook

USDA Feed Outlook: October 2020

Payments to Farmers Hit All-Time High Ahead of Election

Management of Cows with Limited Forage Availability

Oklahoma Forage Conditions Update

U.S. Cattle Industry Faces Emergence of its Own Novel Virus

EU to Vote on Labeling Plant-Based Meat & Dairy Products

GDP Projections and Consumer Sentiment


Friday... October 16th

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Market Analysis

Parent of Brazil's JBS Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges

The Beef: Tough Week

China is # 1 Buyer of U.S. Corn


Thursday... October 15th

The Fall Run of Calves is in Full Swing

Gun Sales Soar Amid Pandemic, Social Unrest, & Election Fears

The Beef: Second Largest Post COVID Kill Confirmed

Wildfire Ravaged this Rancher’s Cattle… He Blames Politics

Seasonal Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

30-Day Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Seasonal Drought Outlook

Economists explore COVID-19 Impact on Beef Prices

Weather Update: La Niña is here!

Reviewing State-Level Farm Economic Conditions

GoBob Pipe & Steel Gives Back to Farmers & Ranchers


Wednesday... October 14th

Report Explores Expanding U.S. Beef Packing Capacity

K-State: Ways to Capture the Marketing Value on Calves

Food Cost Inflation at Grocery Stores and Foodservice

The Beef: Liquidation Rules

USDA Pays $1.5 Billion a Week in Coronavirus Relief


Tuesday... October 13th

The Beef: Futures Continue to Weaken

‘Green Plains’ is Exiting the Cattle Feeding Industry

Percent of Minorities in Rural Areas vs. Urban Areas


Monday... October 12th

New Beef Cuts are a Win-Win for Producers & Consumers

The Beef: Out of the Blue

6 to 10-Day Weather Outlook Maps

USDA Protein Outlook for 2021

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Canceled Due To COVID-19

USDA Grain Stocks & WASDE Shock Markets


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