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Upcoming Reports: Cold Storage, Livestock Slaughter, & Cattle on Feed on January 22nd thru 24th

Tuesday... January 21st

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

TCR's Daily Market Summary

Dressing Percentage has Major Impact on Cull Cow Marketing

Fed Cattle Markets: Plenty of Positive News

Regional Cattle Auction Reports for Monday

Texas Ranchers Face Tough Decisions as Drought Deepens

Why China Might Buy More American Beef

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Monday... January 20th

2020 Mega Trends: Consumer-Driven Demands

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Beef Processors raises Safety Concerns

Southwest, Southern Plains Ranch Real Estate is a Seller’s Market

Signs of Impeding Calving In Cows or Heifers

Hay Stocks Up From Last Year But Still Below Average

Cow and Sow Slaughter Trends

Japan Considers Legislation to Ban Smuggling of Wagyu Genetics


Friday... January 17th

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary

Cattle Futures' Long-Term Market Outlook

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Commodity Market Analysis

Fed Cattle Markets: Shake It Off

Beef Retail Prices Accelerated in late 2019

Weekly Cattle Bullish/Bearish Consensus Chart

Cattle Photo of the Week


Thursday... January 16th

Fed Cattle Markets: Fade It

Senate passes U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement in 89-10 Vote

Regional Cattle Auction Reports for Wednesday

Seasonal Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

30-Day Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Seasonal Drought Outlook

Weekly Drought Monitor

Key Provisions of the US-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement


Wednesday... January 15th

China: What Does it Mean Now?

Spittlebugs Causing Big Problems for Hawaii Island Ranchers

NCBA: Trade Deal With China a ‘Game Changer’ for Beef Producers

Fed Cattle Markets: What Lies In Store?

USDA Official Sees Trade Progress for Agriculture

USDA Awards $2.9M to Support Rural Veterinary Services


Tuesday... January 14th

6 to 10-Day Weather Outlook Maps

USDA Feed Outlook for 2020

2019 Losses from 3 Major River Flooding Events Total $20 Billion

Fed Cattle Markets: Quietly Green

Calf Slaughter Changes tied to Dairy Herd Management

USDA Releases Livestock Market Rule


Monday... January 13th

New Genetic Test for Bovine Congestive Heart Failure May Help Breeding & Management Decisions

Trade & U.S. Beef... Net Exports Trending Higher

WASDE: A look at Meat Production & Hay Stocks


Friday... January 10th

Alberta Fed Cattle trading $10 to $12 Higher than a Month Ago

Fed Cattle Markets: Closer to Monday’s High

USDA WASDE Report: 1st Quarter Cattle Price Projection Raised

Feeder Cattle Futures currently offering a Hedging Opportunity?

Trump’s Proposed NEPA Change Lauded by Ranchers

Employment Growing Faster in Metropolitan than Nonmetro Counties

What does Walmart’s new Meatpacking Plant mean for the Beef Industry?


Thursday... January 9th

New Ground Beef Plant Coming To Garden City KS

Market Facilitation Program ‘Trade Aid’ Payments by State

China’s Vice Premier to sign Trade Deal in Washington Next Week

Mind-Boggling Beef Trade with China Ahead?

Purdue/CME Ag Barometer Reveals Optimism & Financial Stress

Walmart Opens Beef Processing Plant

November Beef Exports Disappointing


Wednesday... January 8th

Use the Numbers ‘Correctly’ this Bull Sale Season

Fed Cattle Markets: Beef is Back

Retail Food Inflation trended down over the past 20 Years

Beef Packer Margins & Cutout Volatility


Tuesday... January 7th

Taking Stock: Exploring U.S. Cow Herd Composition

Fed Cattle Markets: Inside Trading Day

Japan & EU Sign Trade Deals with U.S. to Reduce Beef Tariffs

Cattle Slaughter Mix and Dressed Weights

Impossible Foods Launching Meatless Pork & Sausage


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