Impossible Burger Updates Formula

Impossible Foods launched a new version of its Impossible Burger Tuesday.

The recipe now uses soy protein instead of wheat protein and some new ingredients—namely, methylcellulose and sunflower oil. Impossible Foods says the addition of methylcellulose makes the burger juicier and easier to handle, while the sunflower oil cuts total and saturated fat levels.
“The newest Impossible Burger delivers everything that matters to hard-core meat lovers, including taste, nutrition and versatility,” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and founder Patrick O. Brown in a press release. “This is the plant-based meat that will eliminate the need for animals in the food chain and make the global food system sustainable.”
The revised formula contains no gluten or cholesterol and, the company says, has as much iron and protein as a comparable serving of ground beef. It also has 30 percent less sodium and 40 percent less saturated fat than the previous iteration of the plant-based burger.
The Las Vegas location of Border Grill started serving the updated Impossible Burger on Monday. The new formula will roll out to other restaurants by mid-March and will be available in grocery stores later this year.
Redmond City, Calif.-based Impossible Foods plans to launch the Impossible Burger in Singapore later this year. It is currently on the menu in 5,000 locations in the U.S. as well as some restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau.