The 'War on Meat'

Recent articles illustrating the growing anti-meat sentiment.

June 14th:

CNN Segment Alleges ‘Meat Is Making The Planet Sick’

Halve the Size of Your Steak if You Want to Save the Planet


June 8th:

I'm Raising My Kids on a Plant-Based Diet for Their Future


June 7th:

Cargill CEO says Plant-Based Protein to Cannibalize Meat Demand


June 4th:

Sierra Club eyes Court Action over N.E. Iowa Cattle Operation

Billboards urge S. Carolina Governor to Target Cattle Farms


June 1st:

An Urban's Rural View: An Impossibly Meaty Commercial


May 28th:

COVID-19 and the False Blame on Animal Agriculture


May 26th:

Farm Groups gird for fight over Oregon’s IP13 Anti-Ranching Initiative

Richard Branson Ditches Beef & Fish for Environment


May 21st:

Can the Cultured Meat Sector get Conventional Farmers On-Board?

One-Quarter of Canadians consider Dropping Beef

No Animal Died to make this Steak


May 19th:

Meat & Dairy are the Achilles’ Heel of Biden’s Climate Plan

Tweaks can't save Americans from a Simple Truth: Eat Less Meat


May 15th:

Many Meat Alternatives Exist for a Healthy Diet


May 14th:

Is Beef the New Coal? Climate-Friendly Eating Is on the Rise


May 12th:

The Population Problem Iowa should discuss: Livestock

Major Side Effect of Buying Animal-Based Foods


May 11th:

Meat Production Leads to Thousands of Air Quality-Related Deaths

Meatless Advocates: Replace Food Animals by 2035

Lab-Grown Meat Firms Attract Sixfold Increase in Investment


May 10th:

Food World Ramps Up The War On Meat

Top Restaurant Goes Meat-Free


May 7th: 

Everyone Loves a Cowboy but No One wants the Cows

Range Wars over Public Land Grazing, Wild Horses & Ranchers


April 29th: 

It's not Biden's Battle -- But the Beef Fight is Coming


April 26th: 

Science says Beef should be on the Chopping Block


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