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Daily Market Summary for May 7th

Updated Monday thru Friday around 4:00 PM CT

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Daily Market Indexes & Trendlines
Indicators of cattle/beef market strength

10-Day Index Trendline

Change from Previous Day: -0.20%
Change from 10 Days Ago: -3.60%
Change from 60 Days Ago: -4.65%​   

60-Day Index Trendline

Indexes track daily market values for the past 10 & 60 days.
Each daily value is the weighted total of the Gain/(Loss) for
15 market factors compared to the previous trading day.


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Weekly Market Summary


Daily Market Summary for May 7th

Slaughter Cattle:
As of 3:00 PM Friday, negotiated cash trading has been mostly inactive on very light demand in Kansas, not enough purchases for a full market trend. Negotiated cash trading has been at a standstill in all other major feeding regions. On Wednesday in the Southern Plains live purchases traded from 117.50-119.00 in the Texas Panhandle and at 119.00 in Kansas. On Tuesday in Nebraska live purchases traded at 118.00 and dressed purchases traded from 188.00-190.00. The last reported market In Colorado was last week with live purchases from 119.00-120.00. In the Western Cornbelt on Tuesday, live purchases traded from 118.00-119.00 and dressed purchases traded from 187.00- 190.00.
Negotiated Sales:
Confirmed:             1,229
Week Ago:              2,600
Year Ago:              11,392
Formula Net
Dressed Steers & Heifers:
Head count priced today:   26,700
Weighted avg. weight:        842 lbs.
Weighted avg. net price:     190.94
Cattle Slaughter under Federal Inspection:
Friday (est)                           111,000
Week ago (est)                    115,000
Year ago (act)                        89,000
Week to Date                      581,000
Same Period Last Week    592,000
Same Period Last Year      429,000
Previous Day (est)
Steers & Heifers:  90,000
Cows & Bulls:        25,000
Boxed Beef:
Cutout Values:
Choice: 305.88… -0.49
Select:  290.27… +0.91
Choice/Select Spread: 15.61
Total Load Count: 64
Cutter Cow Cutout:
203.23… +1.68
CME Feeder Cattle Index for May 6th:
130.83… -0.73
Futures Settlements…
Live Cattle:
June: 116.02… +0.55
August: 118.85… +0.38
October: 123.45… -0.02
Feeder Cattle:
May: 131.72… +1.25
August: 144.27… +0.87
September: 146.05… +0.50
June Hogs: 112.85… -1.62
June Crude Oil: 64.90… +0.19
May Corn: 7.7275… +0.1325
May Wheat: 7.7350… +0.0925
Grain Cash Bids:
Kansas City Corn: 7.54… +0.12
Kansas City Wheat: 7.12… +0.09
Financial Markets:
DJIA: 34,776.44… +238.37
S & P 500: 4,232.43… +30.80
NASDAQ: 13,752.24… +119.60
U.S. Dollar Index: 90.20… -0.75

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