• Information contained within is not guaranteed by The Cattle Range or its Agents/Field Reps. We make no warranty, expressly or implied, as to the accuracy of the listing information contained within or the performance of buyer or seller.
    • Accordingly, prospective buyers should exercise sufficient due diligence to ensure the livestock/item(s) are as described and that the price and terms of sale are appropriate. Buyers who are not experienced and sophisticated cattlemen should seek advice and counsel if unsure about a transaction prior to making a commitment or completing a transaction.
    • Sellers should excercise due caution to ensure they receive payment in full, especially if the livestock/item(s) are going out-of-state.
  • Click Here for details if listing includes females represented by seller as being "confirmed bred" by a preg-check.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, buyers do not have to accept unmerchantable livestock. This includes, but is not limited to cripples, bad eyes, lumps, chronics, quinines, locos, and sick livestock. For breeding classes of cattle, unmerchantability includes all conditions that render the animal unsound for breeding purposes, including females with udder problems.
  • Listing information is subject to error, omissions, prior sale, change(s) or withdrawal without notice, and approval of the purchase by owner.

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