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What is the cost to list livestock for sale on The Cattle Range? 

There is no charge to list your livestock... The Cattle Range receives a sale fee only if you sell to a buyer who located the livestock on the website. 
  • If sold otherwise, or no longer on the market, you pay nothing. 
  • If sold to a buyer originating from the website, you pay a sale fee based on the number & class of cattle listed... Sale Fee Schedule
The Cattle Range operates on an "Honor System" based on the integrity of cattlemen and are rarely disappointed for doing so. 

Do I have to price the cattle on the listing? 

A price is not required...
However, listings with cattle priced within the current market range will receive more buyer interest.
Because of the significant price fluctuations that occur for Stocker Calves and Feeder Cattle, you may want to list the price for them as...
  • "Negotiable" or "Contact Seller for price quote" or  "Will consider reasonable offers", etc. 
  • If you do list a price, the flexibility of The Cattle Range allows you to contact us anytime with a price change.
Regardless of how you market them, it's unlikely your livestock will bring more than they're worth.

Does a listing have to include photos? 

Listings indexed without the * designating photos receive less than 1/3 of the views as listings with photos and are 70% less likely to sell. 
  • Photos of a few individual animals with some daylight around them show the cattle better than photos of a tightly bunched group, especially if the cattle are predominately the same color. 

How do I ensure problem-free payment from a buyer?

This is a problem with a simple solution...  
  • Require a reasonable down payment.
  • Request a bank reference or other assurance of the Buyer's ability to pay.
  • If still uncertain, stipulate payment terms that ensure problem-free payment in full.
  • Certified Funds - Require buyer to have a Certified Check for the estimated sales amount at delivery.  After weighing and/or sorting the cattle, if the actual amount due is more than the Certified Check, accept the buyer's company or personal check for the difference... If less, you give him a check.
  • Wire Transfer - Once the total sales amount is determined, require buyer to wire the funds to your bank account. You don't have to wait for the funds to get to your bank.  Once the buyer has called in the wiring instructions, have your bank verify with his bank that the wire is underway and you can be assured the funds will arrive shortly.  An advantage to this plan is that "wired funds" are "collected funds" and you will get immediate credit at your bank instead of having to wait several days, or more, before you have access to the sales proceeds. 
In reality, the payment plan described above is the safest way to go...  Many cattlemen will recall that auctions, feedyards, and order buying companies can become insolvent just like an individual...  And dealing with a "bonded" buyer or company provides a false sense of security because if a major problem arises, the amount of the bond is often insufficient to cover a large claim or multiple smaller claims, and you could end up getting "pennies" on the "dollar" for your cattle. 

What about the Beef Check-Off? 

Not applicable... The Cattle Range acts only as a facilitator and does not participate in the transaction.  Buyers and sellers deal directly, and accordingly, the Beef Check-Off assessment should be handled like any private treaty sale. 

Why don't listings immediately appear on the site?

Steps are taken to enhance the salability of cattle:
  • All text is edited and spell-checked.
  • If there is insufficient or unclear information, Sellers are contacted for clarification..
  • Photos are processed to better present cattle to prospective buyers..
  • Listings are indexed by the class & breed(s) that are most appropriate for the cattle..
Listings undergo a "Scam" Review: 
  • On a daily basis, listing submissions are received that are determined to be fraudulent.  
  • To protect our valued customers, all listings undergo a "Scam" Review..
Successful sales occur when listings from legitimate sellers contain complete & accurate information. 
We don't catch all errors or scams, but we catch most... Sites with automatic posting catch none.

Why don't listings have the date they were posted?

We initially dated listings but found that listings that had been on the site for over 10 days received little or no additional inquiry because many prospective buyers believed there must be something wrong with the deal because they had not sold. 
There are numerous valid reasons for cattle not immediately selling such as a market downturn, adverse weather, or simply that no one in the market for that type of cattle in the geographic region in which they are located had clicked on the listing.  Sales of older listings immediately and significantly increased when the listing date was deleted.
Older listings are deleted on a daily basis based on the age of the listing.  This is necessary because of sellers not advising us their cattle sold or are no longer on the market.  Additionally, each listing has a link from which prospective buyers can anonymously report listings that have sold or the cattle are no longer for sale.