Why The Cattle Range website is not always current...

Just as The Cattle Range relies on the integrity of cattlemen to advise us when their cattle are sold to a buyer originating from the site, we also rely on them to advise us when the cattle are sold otherwise or no longer for sale.
Unfortunately, not all sellers do so and this causes both frustration and anger from prospective buyers who call and are told the cattle are no longer available.
In some respects, The Cattle Range is similar to a "Classified Section" in a print publication in which a person places a "For Sale" ad and doesn’t pull the ad after the item is sold. The paper has no way of knowing the item is sold.
Upon receipt of notification from sellers, it is our policy to immediately mark listings -SOLD- if sold through the website or remove listings sold otherwise or no longer for sale. On a regular basis, e-mails are sent to sellers inquiring about the status of the cattle and older listings are systematically removed. Additionally, at the bottom of each listing is the link shown below from which a buyer can anonymously advise us they were told the cattle are sold. We encourage buyers to utilize this to help us keep the site more current.
Help TCR Keep the Site Current... Notify TCR anonymously if a Seller tells you the cattle are SOLD or no longer for sale.


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