164 SimAngus Cows... Central MT

Listing Number
Central Montana
Ship From
Judith Gap, MT
Angus, SimAngus, Simmental
Number for Sale
60% Home Raised, 40% Purchased
Coming 4-9 YOs in Age Groups
Est. Weight
Moderate to Large
Medium Flesh
2 Rounds: ReproStar VL6 HB w/ dectomax spring and fall
Running out on Pasture, Fed chopped hay as needed.
Bred To
Natural Service Bred to Purebred Simmental Bulls.
Preg Checked
Already Checked
Start Calving
Feb 22
Finish Calving
Apr 15
Sell Part/All
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Payment Terms
Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller.
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Early calving Cows from an Angus X Simmental Program...

  • Ready to Ship ASAP. Pregnancy check and Ages done. 100% Legible bangs shield to travel anywhere.
  • Cows are 100% Black Hided, some BWF. Breed of cows is 3/4 to 1/2 Black Angus, with some 100% Angus. Majority 1/4 to 1/2 blood Simmentals. There are some replacement heifers kept and a number of heifers purchased from reputation ranches thru Connexion and bred into the Ranch\'s herd. Thus, roughly half are home-raised cows and some are purchased as heifers. All of these cows' calves made the trucks this fall. Cows that raised cutbacks were culled thru the barns already. Steer and Heifer loads both weighed 650 lbs.
  • Our cattle are culled for problems at calving, including attitude and are indexed every fall so the bottom end comes off every year." "This group of cows has been culled hard the last 2 years because of drought.
  • This group is the best of what was left. I'm only retaining the coming 3's, Our purebred Simmentals, and the red-hided cows." "The best trait of our cattle is raising a growthy calf that will pound out in the fall with little to no assistance from calving through shipping."
  • Cows are bred to Home-raised, Purebred Simmental sires. Sires for the purebred herd are AI top performing Simmental sires. Commercial sires are selected for growth, muscle and maternal traits. Yearling bulls are scanned for Ribeye area and marbling along with genetic testing so only the top bulls are turned out. Bulls turned out May 6 to June 25. Calving Due dates, Feb 22 to April 15 Weights based on drys.
  • Mature cows usually average 1400 lbs, Younger cows 1100-1200. Cattle are on good pasture year round and stocking rates are tied to pasture condition so that even in drought years there is ample feed. Cattle are fed home raised hay through winter until turnout in May.
  • Cows are on a year round mineral program, high phosphorus Dec through breeding; range mineral the rest of the months.
  • Coming age in '23 / Head Count: 4 / 45; 5 / 33; 6 / 21; 7 / 24; 8 / 6; 9 / 13
Connexion Livestock
Scott Robbie
Park City, Montana
Home Phone: 406.855.0534
Cell Phone: 406.855.0534

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