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Ritchie’s banner has been on The Cattle Range since July…

Ritchie Page Banner Ad

And has received over 480,000 impressions per month

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Advertising Options:


Large Banner300 x 250 pixels

Displayed in the top right margin on main pages throughout the site

  • Large Banners are averaging 16,000+ Impressions per day


Standard Banner: 350 x 120 pixels

Displayed on main pages throughout the site

  • Standard Banners are averaging 8,500+ Impressions per day


Standard Banner: 350 x 120 pixels

State, Breed, or Cattle Class Specific

Displayed on main pages for specific breed, state, or cattle class pages

For example, main pages for Angus, Oklahoma, or Bulls 
  • Standard Banners are averaging 4,500+ Impressions per day 

  • Monthly Performance Reports provided. 
  • Banners can be changed monthly.
  • TCR’s website is compatible with most file types and animated graphics are accepted.
A 3-Frame Banner triples the amount of information/graphics that can be displayed.
  • Using your graphics, TCR can construct a 3-Frame Animated Banner* at NO additional charge. 
Large Banner... 300 x 250 Pixels

Large Banner Ad


Standard Banner... 350 x 120 Pixels

 Small Banner Ad

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