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The Cattle Facilitates Private Treaty Sales...

Buyers & Sellers Deal Directly

  • No Charge to List Cattle for Sale... Submit Listing
  • A Sale Fee is payable only if you sell to a buyer originating from The Cattle Range website... If sold otherwise, you pay nothing.
  • You pay for the actual number SOLD... Whether more or less than the number of head listed. - Fee Schedule
  • The fee is based on the number of head listed... Not the number sold and you pay for the number actually sold.  For example, a listing for 100 cows from which 40 are sold, the fee is at the 100 head rate of $8 for 40 head or $320.00. - Compare to Auction Commission Rates filed w/ USDA
  • TCR is also entitled to a sale fee if unlisted cattle are sold to a buyer originating from the website - Why?
  • In calculating Sale Fees, TCR treats the Canadian Dollar and the U.S. Dollar as being of equal value.
  • Options are available to make “Cattle for Sale Listings” more visible on the site.  “Click Here” for information on these listing enhancements.
There is a one-time $30 fee for 120 day Embryo & Semen Listings.

The Cattle Range (TCR) provides an Internet marketing option for cattlemen and is committed to providing quality service.  We do not guarantee the sale of any cattle, items, or services listed.
Seller agrees, when the origin of a buyer is unknown, to inquire as to how the buyer(s) found the cattle. If sold to a buyer originating from The Cattle Range, Seller agrees to remit payment in accordance with The Cattle Range's Fee Schedule for the actual number of head sold, whether more or less than the number listed. Seller also agrees to notify The Cattle Range when the livestock listed for sale are sold, whether or not sold to a buyer originating from the website.
Sellers are responsible for confirming that correct photos and information are appearing on their listings and to advise TCR of errors and the corresponding corrections needed. TCR is not responsible for unreported incorrect listing information, typos, or other errors appearing on listings.
TCR reserves the right to decline posting conditions of sale that are neither reasonable nor customary within the cattle industry.  This includes prices for cattle that are significantly higher than their current market value.
Contact information is displayed on your listing.  TCR is not responsible for any misuse of this information.
Information contained within a listing is not guaranteed by The Cattle Range or its Agents/Field Reps.  We make no warranty, expressly or implied, as to the accuracy of the listing information contained within or the performance of buyer or seller.
  • Accordingly, prospective buyers should exercise sufficient due diligence to ensure the livestock/item(s) are as described and that the price and terms of sale are appropriate.  Buyers who are not experienced and sophisticated cattlemen should seek advice and counsel if unsure about a transaction prior to making a commitment or completing a transaction.
  • Sellers should excercise due caution to ensure they receive payment in full, especially if the livestock/item(s) are going out-of-state.
Listing information is subject to error, omissions, prior sale, change(s) or withdrawal without notice, and approval of the purchase by owner. 
Unless otherwise agreed, buyers do not have to accept unmerchantable livestock... This includes, but is not limited to cripples, bad eyes, lumps, chronics, quinines, locos, and sick animals. 
TCR reserves the right to use photos for advertising, display, website and Internet promotion, trade shows, television advertising, magazine advertising, and any other purposes deemed appropriate.  Text, photos and logos are easily downloaded from the Internet.  TCR is not responsible for any copyright, trademark, trade name, patent, or any other content, that is downloaded from our website and utilized in violation of local, state or federal laws.
If you provide TCR with your email address, we will not rent, sell, or provide your email address to other parties.  It will be used to send you notifications, ask questions about your listing submission(s), or changes to the website.  We may also contact you via email with market information, upcoming events and sales, as well as cattle/ranch related products & services of possible interest.
By participating in the services provided by TCR, all users, sellers, and buyers, agree to the above terms and conditions in their entirety. 

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