Pricing your Cattle...

Since the market highs of late 2014/early 2015, the following scenarios have occurred time and time again:

  • Cattle are listed for sale at prices so high that sellers receive no response whatsoever.
  • Cattle are priced above current market values and sellers turn down reasonable offers from buyers originating from The Cattle Range.
In both scenarios, many sellers are eventually forced to haul their cattle to a local sale where they bring substantially less than priced on The Cattle Range or reasonable offers received.  Adding to their losses, sellers are out freight, yardage, and sales commission.

Regardless of how cattle are marketed, it's unlikely you can sell them for more than their current market value.

Tools to assist in pricing cattle:

Drought conditions exist over large areas of “Cattle Country.”  This is depressing both demand and prices for the breeding classes of cattle and should be factored into your pricing decision.


Regarding pricing bulls, the market is saturated with supply exceeding demand... Production Sale results for reputation breeding programs are running up to 35% lower than the average for the 3 previous years.