Regional Cattle Auction Reports...

For Monday, June 27th - Posted weekly on Tuesday

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North Central States

Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Report - Worthing SD

This Week: 3,113

Last Reported: 969 

Last Year: 1,873

Compared to last week: Feeder steers 750lbs - 800lbs steady to 4.00 lower, 900lbs - 950lbs steady to 2.00 higher, over 1000lbs sold with significantly higher undertones. Feeder heifers 750lbs -850lbs steady to 4.00 higher, 850lbs - 900lbs steady to 4.00 lower, 1000lbs and over sold with higher undertones. 


Tri-State Livestock Auction Market - McCook NE

This Week: 975

Last Reported: 475

Last Year: 0

No comparison. Demand was good on good selection of green cattle. 


South Central States

Oklahoma National Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Oklahoma City OK

This Week: 8,250

Last Reported: 6,356

Last Year: 8,842

Compared to last week: Feeder steers over 800 lbs 2.00-6.00 higher; under 800 lbs steady to 2.00 lower. Feeder heifers 1.00-4.00 lower. Demand moderate to good for feeder cattle. Steer and heifer calves 2.00-4.00 higher. Demand good for calves.


Roswell Livestock Auction - Roswell, NM

This Week: 

Last Reported: 

Last Year: 

No sale report.


Midwest States

Joplin Regional Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Carthage, MO 

This Week: 10,440

Last Reported: 5,584

Last Year: 8,740

Compared to last week feeder steers traded 5.00-8.00 higher with feeder heifers trading steady to 4.00 higher. Supply was heavy with very good demand.


Callaway Livestock Center - Kingdom City MO 

This Week: 2,572

Last Reported: 638

Last Year: 2,337

Compared to two weeks ago, 400-700 lb steers sold 8.00-12.00 higher, spots 15.00 higher, with 700-800 lbs trading 5.00-10.00 higher and a pot load of 850 steers selling with a higher undertone. Feeder heifers weighing 400-600 lbs sold 10.00-15.00 higher with heifers over 600 lbs selling with a sharply higher undertone on few good comparisons. Demand was good on a heavy offering of feeders.


Southeastern States

Mid-South Livestock - Unionville TN

This Week: 888

Last Reported: 686

Last Year: 1,088

Compared to last week, Feeder Steers/Bulls under 500 lbs. steady to 4.00 lower, over 500 lbs. 2.00-7.00 higher; Feeder Heifers 2.00-7.00 higher; Slaughter Cows 2.00-5.00 higher; Slaughter Bulls mostly steady.


Western States

None Reported

Northeastern States

United Producers Inc. - Irvington KY

This Week: 424

Last Reported: 432

Last Year: 400

Compared to last week: Feeder steers and feeder heifers sold steady. Slaughter cows sold 3.00 to 6.00 higher. Slaughter bulls sold steady.


Blue Grass South Livestock Market - Stanford KY

This Week: 433

Last Reported: 357

Last Year: 306

Compared to last Monday: Feeder and yearling steers and heifers steady to 2.00 higher, Good demand for feeder and yearling classes. Slaughter cows and bulls fully steady, Good demand for slaughter classes.