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April Market Report Calendar

Friday... April 19th

TCR's Weekly Market Summary

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Market Analysis

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Market Outlook

TCR's Daily Market Summary

United States Cattle on Feed Up 1 Percent

Rancher Files Multi-Billion Dollar Class Action Lawsuit Related to Smokehouse Creek Fire

Bullish/Bearish Indicator for week ending 4/19/24

Thursday Regional Auction Reports

Chart of the Week


Thursday... April 18th

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Markets Comments

Lonesome Lands: Proposed Carbon Pipeline being pushed on North Central & Midwest States

4/18/24: Weekly Beef, Pork, & Corn Export Highlights

Transition from El Niño to La Niña is Underway

17% of U.S. Cattle are in Drought Areas... Up 4% from Last Week

Wednesday Regional Auction Reports

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Wednesday... April 17th

Beef Consumption Plummets in Argentina; Exports Surge

LMIC calls for USDA-NASS to Reconsider Report Cuts

April 2024 Feed Outlook

Tuesday Regional Auction Reports


Tuesday... April 16th

Purdue Survey tallies Consumer Attitudes toward Lab-Grown Meat

Estimates for Friday's Cattle on Feed Report

Monday Regional Auction Reports


Monday... April 15th

Carcass Weights, Quality Grade and Yield Grade

Friday/Saturday Regional Auction Reports


Friday... April 12th

Fact Checking the NCBA

Bullish/Bearish Indicator for week ending 4/12/24


Thursday... April 11th

17 States restrict Cattle Imports from States with Influenza Cases

April WASDE: Cattle Price and Beef Export Estimates Raised; Corn Price Lowered

13% of U.S. Cattle are in Drought Areas... Unchanged from the past 2 Weeks

4/11/24: Weekly Beef, Pork, & Corn Export Highlights


Wednesday... April 10th

Consumer Price Index: Inflation rises sharply again in March


Tuesday... April 9th

Bird Flu in Cattle renamed ‘Bovine Influenza A Virus’

To Implant or Not to Implant this Branding Season?


Monday... April 8th

Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings for the week ending 4/6/24

A Toxic Grass that Threatens a Quarter of US Cows is Spreading

Beef Trade Update