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December Market Report Calendar

Thursday... December 8th

Current National Drought Conditions for Week Ending 12/6/22

Which Billionaire Owns The Most Land In The U.S.? Hint, It's Not Bill Gates

U.S. jobless claims climb to 230,000 in sign labor market is slowly cooling off

Wednesday Regional Auction Reports

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Wednesday... December 7th

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Markets Comments

TCR's Daily Market Summary

Purdue Ag Economy Barometer: Input costs, interest rates weigh on farmers’ minds

Tuesday Regional Auction Reports


Tuesday... December 6th

USDA Publishes Final Rule for the 'Cattle Contracts Library Pilot Program'

Restaurant Chains & Food Retailers Linked to ‘Reckless Overuse’ Of Antibiotics

Ranchers, Greens on edge as BLM rewrites Grazing Rule

The Beef: Ugly Futures Action

Choice Beef Cutout Closes at Lowest Level of the Year

Monday Regional Auction Reports


Monday... December 5th

Beef Outlook: Competing Meat Supplies could limit Cattle Price Growth

Owner of Kansas Livestock Auction Sentenced to Prison for Check Kiting Scheme

Friday/Saturday Regional Auction Reports


Friday... December 2nd

TCR's Weekly Market Summary

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Analysis

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Market Outlook

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

USDA holds Food Price Inflation Outlook at Lofty Levels except for Beef

November Jobs Report: Most Important Data for Inflation this Year and Not Good

Chinese Consumers Continue to Grow Appetite for U.S. Beef

Cattle Market Sentiment: Cautious Bullishness

Chart of the Week

Thursday Regional Auction Reports


Thursday... December 1st

Factors Affecting Demand for Beef

Current National Drought Conditions for Week Ending 11/29/22


Wednesday... November 30th

New Meat Processing Plant planned for Southern Illinois

Pace of Cattle Slaughter Slows in November

FMCSA denies Livestock Haulers’ Hours-of-Service Exemption

More Stable Fertilizer Markets Predicted for 2023

What are profitable cow-calf operations doing right?

U.S. Private-Sector Job Growth lowest since early 2021


Tuesday... November 29th

The Beef: Gigantic Thanksgiving Week Cattle Slaughter


Monday... November 28th

Japan Approves the Revised Beef Safeguard Mechanism Under the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings for the week ending 11/26/22

Herd Liquidation May Be Slowing Down

Farm Share of U.S. Food Dollar reached Historic Low in 2021


Friday... November 25th

Cattle Market Sentiment: Slightly Bullish